My New Favorite Website

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bit of an internet junky. I love blogs and websites focused on design and was excited when I stumbled upon Nordic Design through Cori Magee's blog, Pretty Haute Mess. It's full of inspiration for clean, modern, yet cozy design, which is what the Scandinavians are known for. If you like Ikea, you will love this site! I'm a huge fan of the colors scheme that are featured in many of the homes on the site. Whites, grays, blues, and creams with pops of color are what make my heart go pitter patter! Enjoy looking at some of my favorite images I came across when browsing the site and go check it out for yourself and be inspired! 

What are some blogs or websites for home decor and design that you enjoy browsing? Leave it in the comments below!

All Images from Nordic Design