Les and Verla were some of the first people we met at our new church, Manchester Creek Community Church, when we first moved to Rock Hill, SC.They invited us to their home group and made us feel welcome from the beginning.

Former missionaries to Africa, they inspire me by how they continue to serve God and people. When they say they’re praying for you, you know that they really are, and when you’re not at church or home group, they check into make sure you’re okay. They’re passion for God and His Word, encourages me to want to know God better and dig into His Word more for myself and their love for others from all walks of life is an example to me.  I’m so glad God placed us at our new church and in theses dear people’s lives. He knew exactly what we needed when we made the move from Greenville to Rock Hill.

I hope you enjoy these images celebrating Les and Verla’s 50+ years of marriage! (I’m having a memory slip and can’t remember if it’s 51 or 52 years!) Thanks Les and Verla for trusting me photograph you and thank you for your friendship and love!