Addie's 2nd Birthday: Celebrating a Miracle

“Every time I see her eating or drinking, it’s like watching a miracle!”

These are the words of Adalynn’s (Addie) mommy the day of her birthday party. Hope, Addie’s mom, had contacted me about photographing Addies birthday party and told me their story. Birthday’s are always special because we are celebrating someone’s life, but this birthday was extra special.  Before everyone went through the line to eat, Addie’s dad gathered everyone together to pray. “Birthday’s are really special to us around here.” He said, “especially with what we’ve been through with Addie this past year and not knowing what was going to happen.” 

The post below is from Hope’s facebook page on July 25th. Being Addie’s mom, she can tell the story of their little miracle so much better than I can, and so I will let her.

Today was supposed to be the day of Addie's surgery. Instead, she is sitting here, eating blueberries and we are thanking God for healing her! About a year ago today, she had lost so much weight that she was admitted to the hospital at Vanderbilt, and our walk through this dark valley began. She wouldn't eat or drink, sometimes going ten days without eating anything at all, her feeding tube keeping her alive. Even after many tests, the doctors still couldn't give us a diagnosis. We begged and pleaded for God to heal her, and asked many others to do the same. Last week, after having her head anointed with oil, and having many Godly people pray over her as prescribed in James, we decided to leave her tube out once more, as a final test before her surgery. We used to change her tube out every week and a half, and have tried leaving it out several times before, but last Tuesday (10 days ago,) was different--instead of turning food away, she actually ate her lunch, and then she ate her dinner, and then the next morning, she ate her breakfast, and then she ate her lunch...and she has been eating every meal since! She has even started drinking! She opens up the fridge every day, looking for food---that has never happened! Before, even if you were to offer her a cookie, she would turn it away, but today, she drinks hydrated chia seeds! She has even begun to say "I hungy!" (baby talk)  She went for almost two years waking up about 4-5 times a night, every single night, and this past week, she has been mostly sleeping through the night, no more waking up screaming in pain! We never got our diagnosis, but we didn't need one after all, because today, our daughter was supposed to be lying on an operating table, but instead, the Lord has answered our prayers and she is sitting here, eating, without that ugly tube covering up her beautiful little face! What a miracle...just days before her surgery!!! We thank you all so much for all your continued prayers over this last very rocky year. Please keep praying that she keeps gaining weight. Psalm 66:19 "But truly, God has listened, He has attended to the voice of my prayers." After a year of praying, all the faith I had left was probably only the size of a mustard seed, but you know what, that's all Jesus said it takes! Praise Him for answered prayers!!!


And this post followed almost a monthe later on August 15th.

Some of you have asked how our sweet Adalynn is doing, so I wanted to give everybody an update---she is doing amazingly well! She had an appointment with her doctor last week and the entire medical team was astonished by what God has done and agreed that this is definitely a miracle--what a testimony!!! She gained twice as much weight as she needed to gain!! She is eating soo well, that the other night, Brett left the dinner table hungry because Addie ate more than us, and more than Lexi and Noah combined.  Every meal she eats is an amazing reminder to us of God's goodness! "The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in Him." Nahum 1:7

It was an amazing privilege to see this little miracle first hand. At the birthday party she almost never stopped eating or drinking. She was constantly walking around with some food in her hand! Something “small” like the fact that your child eats their food can be easily something that we don’t think to notice or thank God for, but when that something “small” is taken away or isn’t happening like it normally should, it can be a very scary and frightening thing. The small, everyday things in life are also some of our greatest blessings. Thank you, Pagan family, for letting me share this special day with you guys and document it! It was an honor and a pleasure!