Fletcher Michael

They say that little boys are made of snails, nails, and puppy dog tails. But when I see a little boy, I see adventure, excitement, exploration, and maybe a little bit of the dangerous. I love spending time with my little nephews back in Texas, because they bring all these things to my life and help me remember just how amazing life really is, and I think that my friend Sarah's three boys do the same for her. 

Sarah is one those amazing moms who lets her boys be boys and explore and laughs at some of their antics. She's the kind of mom I hope to be someday. Little Fletcher's adventures are just beginning. In these images he's all sleepy and cuddly, but soon he'll be running around with his older brothers! I can't wait to see where his adventures take him! Thank you, Sarah and Jeremy, for trusting me to capture your little man.