The Wilson's

A little over a year ago, I had moved back to Greenville, SC to be closer to Kendall while he finished out college. I had quit working at Wells Fargo, and was searching for other job opportunities. Apparently God had other plans, and I'm so glad He did or I never would have met and become friends with this amazing lady and her family. I walked into Wells to make a deposit and met Thea who ended up hiring me back.

Thea is one of those on my list of influential women in my life. She cares strongly and deeply for her family and friends, and always has their backs. I have seen her work hard and stay strong through health issues and other hardships that have come her way. I've learned so much through having her as my manager and friend. 

It was my pleasure to get to spend some time with her and her husband and daughter and i'm honored that they let me capture their family. Love you guys and thank you!!!