10 of My Favorite Bloggers

1. Addison's Wonderland

I love following blogger and designer, Brittany Hayes. You've probably seen this picture of her amazing staircase on Pinterest. Her bold use of color and patterns inspires me to be bold and take risks in my own design choices. She and her husband are also renovating a historical home right now, and it's so fun to follow their progress. 

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

2. The Pioneer Woman

Who doesn't love Ree Drumond, am I right? Her confessions are probably my favorite part of her blog. I love her sense of humor and she has a gazillion delicious recipes that she's shared and created over the years. I want to go live with her just so I can eat all her good cooking. Do you think if I tell her I'm a bassett hound she'll let me stay? Also, I want her hair.

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

3. The Makerista

I just love her home and style. It's bold and the perfect blend of modern and traditional. I really love seeing how the elements and colors she chooses in one room transition into the next without being matchy matchy or the same color. I've learned so much from studying some of the spaces she's created.

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

4. Magnolia Market, Joanna Gaines

Again, who hasn't heard of her and who doesn't love her? I love her kind spirit that shows through her blog and her show. After each episode she always comes back and breaks down their house flips on the blog in even more detail than you get on the show, which I love. She also shares recipes, entertaining tips, gardening tips, and crafts. Is there anything this woman can't do?

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

5. Design for Mankind

Erin Loechner's writing is just so beautiful and she somehow captures and communicates the everyday of life and all the feelings in such a beautiful way that everyone can relate to. I mean, just read this bit from her About page.

By day, I research trends and change diapers and write essays and design products and delete emails and speak at international events and say another prayer and brew another coffee and travel the world and read a chapter and kiss a skinned knee and battle imperfections and curate art and fry bacon and change my outfit and honor my husband and and style lookbooks and sing lullabies and search for that ubiquitous missing sock yet again.
By night, I write it all (mostly) down here.
10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

6. Style by Emily Henderson

You've probably heard me mention her on the blog before. Can we just say talented? I love Emily's fun personality that shines through her writing. She is one of my go to sources when I have a design question. She has so much good and detailed design information on her blog and her book (listed below) is one I reference all the time for advice and inspiration.

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

7. Chris Loves Julia

I love their style and their decorating philosophy. They design and decorate with family in mind and not only are their designs beautiful, but they're also functional and safe for their littles. I love when design combines both beauty and function. 

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

8. Pinch of Yum. 

I love food and I love pictures of food. Lindsey takes the most beautiful food pictures and the recipes I've tried from her blog have been delicious. I love that they look and taste delicious and also lean towards the healthier side. We just tried these tacos last week with tilapia instead of shrimp and they were delish!

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

9. Angie's Roost

Angie and her husband live in a home built in the 1700's and I'm insanely jealous. I love following their renovation and I also love Angie's design sense. If for no other reason you should just go check out her blog to see their extra wide blank floors and ceiling beams that are all original to the house. This picture is of their guest bathroom renovation that they just completed.

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

10. Young House Love

They're not blogging as much these days, but if you're looking for a how to tutorial when it comes to home improvement these two are your go to source. John and Sherry started blogging to share their home renovation progress with friends and family and now they've written two books in addition to their successful blog. They also have a great sense of humor and their blog is a lot of fun to read. They're another one of those bloggers that are great at incorporating beauty and practicality.

10 of My Favorite Bloggers - Whitney Donáe

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Please share in the comments below!