Helping families create spaces that are both beautiful, functional, and healing to live, work, create, and play in is where our heart is! We understand that not everyone has the time, talent, energy, or desire to create their dream home on their own and that's where we come in. Whether it's choosing a color palette, styling bookshelves, refreshing one room, or refreshing your whole home, we're here to help and guide you along the way. We truly believe that people function at their best and are happier when their surroundings are both beautiful and functional, and we'd love to help create that environment for you and your family! 

What we offer:

  • Design Consultation
    • If you just want some help identifying problem areas and brainstorming possible solutions or maybe you need help choosing a color palette this option is for you. This option takes place in your home and involves us walking through your space, talking, and taking notes. 
  • Full Service
    • Whether refreshing one room or your entire home, this option is for our local clients and includes an in home consultation, design plan, sourcing, and installation.
  • Styling Services
    • This option is for local clients and includes styling services such as helping you style out bookcases, mantels, countertops, sofas, etc.. It's also a great option if you just need help arranging pieces you already own and love. I
    • E-Design
      • Available for local or long distance clients. This option is great if you are comfortable taking pictures and measurements and installing the job yourself.

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